Seeking Rest


Sin is deceitful and hardens our hearts toward God. It develops a pseudo exoskeleton, making it harder to penetrate with God’s love.

The Israelites were made to wander in the wilderness due to their pride of self and unbelief in God. They never entered into the Lord’s rest as a result.

Therefore, they were constantly seeking; seeking more, seeking a king, seeking a home, seeking love and purpose even though it was in their midst, they were still seeking. They were anxious. Instead of peace they had anxiety.

Unbelief was their sin.

They were tricked and hardened by it. 

Sin’s tentacles wrapped around their hearts so much that they could not make room for love to penetrate their heart’s walls. 

They were blind. But they chose blindness. They heard the things over and over from God through Moses, yet they chose to trust in what they could see and feel more so.

They chose to be unbelieving and it cost them peace. It cost them rest.

This promise of rest however did not stop with the Israelites. Let us be careful with our own individual lives that we do not become a Xerox copy of their behavior for we also have been given the Good News through our Bibles and hopefully through our friends and our churches as well. May we find value, purpose, and meaning in it so that we may enter into the Lord’s rest in the now and so much more in the future to come.

Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart. He is seeking to give you rest. True rest. Real rest. Rest from trying to earn your place in this world and the one to come. Rest from the chaos and heartache in this complex and amazing world. You see, the world has not been built to eliminate pain but Christ has come so that we may have the pain relief to make it through.

Today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts as you did during your rebellion. (Hebrews 3:8)

May your rebelling cease and you come to find  hope and peace found solely in a Sabbath rest God is waiting for you to accept. The gift has already been given, all one must do is accept it.

I Need A Silent Night  <——–  These thoughts made me think of this song.

Strengthen Me

Being a Christian makes life much more joyful but I must say, it makes it harder too. Do you ever feel like that?

My fallen nature rebels against God’s commands. It loathes His will. It bares its teeth and snarls because of its bounty of pride and selfish desires often being reprimanded by the Word. It does not like answering to anyone.

I also have this personal will, this desire that runs deep within, that wants to do good and have moral foundations. Who wants to better the world in some way.

Both of these, I must constantly bring before the Throne of Grace in humbleness and ask that God help me to wield a life of purpose and minimal regret, to help me have the strength to discipline my attitudes, decisions, and actions in a way pleasing to Him. It’s constant. It’s on-going. But I am ready for this battle.

There is a quote, “The number of times the average person says NO to temptation is ONCE weakly.”

Dear Heavenly Father, Give me Your strength where I am faltering. Help me stay focused on You. In Jesus Name, Amen.