A Prayer

Great is thy faithfulness Lord, and lousy is my example at times. I ask for your forgiveness. In Luke 18:29, 30 you say that no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children will fail to receive many times as much in this age AND the age to come eternal life. That not only means missionary work but in attending church. Go alone even if no one else will go. Do the class the Lord has put in your heart even if it means leaving friends and your husband in the other one you’ve grown to love, even if it means missing out on an event with family (church or immediate) because God has a divine appointment set up and it’s potentially Kingdom building. Keep me focused on You.

Lord,  You are leading me and as much as it scares me I have several watching me, following my footprints. I do not want to be their leader. I hope Lord God that I can show them the true leader Lord is You. I want to reach a place I can go to the back of the line and they progress without my lead. It’s a very serious position to be in knowing everyone is watching you. That they take you serious. I pray nothing more that the trust they have put in me can transition to a love relationship with You.

Lord, keep my head out of the worlds business. I want no part of it. Break me for all that breaks You. Keep me sensitive. This world tries so hard to use the cracks You’ve allowed in my life to grow me bitter, weary, indifferent, uncaring, and unfocused. It wants nothing more but to put this light out that You’ve grown in me.

Satan knows my potential. He knows my strengths and is all giddy over my weaknesses but God,  he also knows that because of Your love and Your Word I KNOW who I am in You and it terrifies him. May those I lead Lord God be inspired to be BOLD for You. May they love you more and more every day.

Lord God, allow me this in this lifetime. If they only knew of their value and worth in Your eyes. If they could just see it. Lord God, help me show them. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Prayer is not a talk with an absence but with an ominpresent Presence.