Yet He Chooses Us

Imagine giving a relationship your all. Every morning you awake first just to make sure that everything is in place to be sure your partner has access to everything they need to have an abundant day. A day full of joy, purpose, and protection. You’ve made the coffee, you have the temperature in the house just right, you took the dog out to allow this friend more time to wake up. While you were out you found a beautiful flower so you picked it to give to your friend. You’re so excited to see your friend. You love being at their side. Yet, as your friend awakens….

Your friend demands time to wake up, meaning its own space. It demands no talking until a cup of coffee or two has been consumed and even then, there are emails this friend ‘has to’ deal with. You prepared everything in advance just to have their day go well. You covered it all just so there would be time for fellowship before their day gets too busy. You silently wait. 

Your friend has had 2 cups of coffee and has now finished emails. The flower went unnoticed. But it was just a flower. Your heart quickens as you can’t wait to talk. Your friend gets up and mentions how he/she needs to get around or they will be late. 

Day after day this repeats itself. Yet, you never give up serving. 

Little by little even the coffee stops being consumed because the demand of your friend’s day has taken over but things he/she merits them worth.  

The distance grows so great you start to cry. You see your friend’s heart dying. Why can’t they see this is unhealthy? Why can’t they make time just to say Hi to you anymore? 

Still, you remain constant. 

On a particular morning things are off, something is going on…something is wrong. Your friend is crying on the bathroom floor. This isn’t good. Finally, your friend gives you attention. It’s not the kind you want, to see your friend broken and prostate on the floor, but it is attention. 

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m tired. And now I’m dying,” your friend tells you. 

It seems the stress and rat race of this life has taken its toll. Trying to be self-sufficient and enough has brought your friend to a place where stress has caused a fatal sickness. In order for this friend to be healed, a blood transfusion is needed but no one has the blood type. You ask if you can have the procedure done to see if you have the blood type needed. You do. 

Unfortunately, there are people in your friend’s life that hate your friend. People who want your friend killed. And the fact that you have what can save your friend has the target of their hatred now on you. 

You have had death threats, your tires slashed, the other night you were ambushed in the alley and beaten badly by those who are so full of hate. You can’t believe it. Why would they not want your friend better? You’re so tired of it all. You come home only to find your friend throwing your stuff out the door telling you to leave. 

Without argument, without words, you turn to leave without retrieving any of your belongings.  You won’t force yourself to stay in someone’s life. This doesn’t change your love for them. You loved your friend and that love was not conditional. 

The next day you go and have your blood drawn to grant your friend life. The nurse informs you that it will take all you have. Shock. You ask to have a moment to go to the little chapel and pray. You understand fully that to save your friend’s life It will cost you your own life. You are also aware that unless your friend changes his life and such this will be in vain. Quickly with that thought you rebuke it. 

Love…true love…knows no end or condition in which it stops. To withhold your blood means there is a condition by which love flows for your friend. You understand. Your blood is willingly given…and if your friend accepts, he/she will be given the transfusion. 

So this is a false story, and nothing in us merits a satisfactory  ransom to save a life.  We are sin-pocked and marred. Nothing compares to the redemptive work of God. Every single day He chooses us. 

Thank you Lord for loving us as you do. 

You guys He saw all of it. The pain He would endure ahead. The torture. Your choices to choose everything BUT Him…And though the physical pain would be immense, it compared nothing to the pain He felt in His heart. Still….He chooses us.