This morning I was taking my little Frosty Bear (maltese) out for a walk down our driveway. As I progressed down the road I came across this leaf that reminds me a lot of my birthstone. My birthday is in November and so the color of that birthstone, which is citrine, has never really impressed me. I always have felt a little cheated when in comparison to the other birthstones.  Ruby, Diamond, Pearl,  even Emerald and I get the dull Citrine as my stone.

This leaf caught my attention. It had no tears and was symmetrically equal. It stood out amongst all the other leaves and lo and behold it was that color that I mentioned as not my favorite, Citrine.

I walked past it and then I turned around and came back and just stood there and stared at it in it’s place. And then, as so often the case, the thought occurred to me that we spend our lives comparing ourselves to those all around us. We look at how we’re not as good as other people, or how we don’t have what they have, or how we’re not as beautiful, as intelligent, as worthy as they are.

Out of all the leaves covering our yard and driveway this one particular leaf stood out to me most today. It reminded me that God makes each one of us very different in our own way and though we spend our lifetime oftentimes comparing ourselves to all the other leaves around us we have a splendor and a purpose uniquely fashioned just for us. Our personal place and purpose in this world. So while we waste so much of our time trying to be like everyone else, it’s crucial that we focus on God and His calling for our life and let Him fashion us and the way He meant for us to be. The way He knew works best, to bring out the best so we could do our best down here.

And just like this leaf, unknown to you most of the time, you will stand out and be unique in your own way, unparalleled to anyone else on the face of this Earth. Why? Because you are God’s creation. You are fearfully and wonderfully made exactly as you are. You’re one of a kind. And that’s something to celebrate. How do we celebrate? We live our life to the fullest in the calling which God gave. To me that’s a celebration.

I think after this little walk with God today, Citrine might just be my favorite color.

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  1. That is so beautiful. Citrine is a beautiful color. You are blessed with the sunshine stone. That is a sunrise and sunset stone.

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