I Want To Be Guilty

Our collective Christ-infused hearts should beat for literal widows and orphans, always.

But here’s something to ponder – what about the figurative ones?

What about those who have been widowed from someone or something they dearly loved, and now their days are full of grief?

And what about those who have been orphaned due to a tragedy of some kind, those who now feel utterly alone and cut off from the flow of life?

In a very real sense, we’re talking about the same people – the lonely who are around us on every side.

Our hearts should break for the lonely. God’s heart breaks for the lonely. To come together as the people of God and to be His hands and feet in caring for the lonely could just be the thing that causes the world to stop and look and say “See how they love one another!”

Dear brothers & sisters, let us be accused of something to be proud of, something that generates hope and healing, something that Scripture assures us brings joy to the very heart of our God. Let us be tried and found guilty of but one thing – love, which is the one thing I want to be found guilty of.

Let us love radically.