Self Reflection Part 2: Intentional

Post prior to this had me talking about self-reflections and how shopping had played the bad counselor in my last 40 years. 

This post will share with you the second realization I have recently come to terms with. 

In December (2019) God kept laying this word on my heart. I couldn’t shake it. 

I have a personal tradition of looking over the entire year of my life come December. I look back over all my pictures, I review posts I’ve made on my blog, I conclude reading through the Bible and reread through my journaling, I look at our finances and business goals. A lot takes place in December. In doing so, I had the word ‘intentional’ in my mind. I know God put it there because I couldn’t quit thinking about why the word kept popping to the forefront of my mind…constantly. 

It’s like my mind won’t calm down until I get an answer. I don’t think I was annoyed, maybe more perplexed to the point I said, “God, you put the word there. I hear it. Why is that my word?”

Not long after my question was asked, I was rereading through project goals. I had seen one particular goal repeated 3 years in a row. I kept glancing it over. Then I got my answer for the purpose of the word ‘intentional’ being in my head. 

“You dream constantly. These dreams are not your own, they are mine. You’re heartbroken and unmotivated when you don’t see these dreams transpire. Why don’t we set some goals and you and I achieve these dreams I have given you.”  Yes, God’s answer came that clearly and I fully understand. See! This is why I said I had more drive for my next 40 years than I did my first.  


Self-reflection has brought me to two conclusions. I will not shop just to push aside ‘not feeling well’ I will face my feelings head on. Also, I will be intentional in reaching the goals I have set to achieve these dreams God keeps growing in my heart. 

What are some thoughts you have wandering in and out of your mind that constantly weigh on your heart? 


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  1. You’re post is spot on!! God will often give me words, phrases, or thoughts that are repeated over and over until I realize there is something He is trying to say to me.
    Love you sweet lady!!

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