Cabin Fever

The bitterly cold winter had reached a point where she couldn’t find the desire to have it harass her any longer.

“How am I to survive this last little while of Winter? Groundhog says 6 more weeks… grrr…”

She lays back on her bed under the warmth of her gravity blanket. She doesn’t like being unthankful. She knows that in every day there is a beauty to be experienced but today wasn’t one of those days where cheery optimism danced in her mind.

Her bones hurt and yearned for some sunshine. Her eyes yearned for the beauty of magnificent colors that she soon knew would be on its way.
What was she to do?

She laid her head on her pillow closed her eyes, studied her breathing and tried to imagine her favorite little brook. She loved the sound of trickling water.

The way the sun makes water seem to sparkle always made her relax. It reminded her of the moonas it lit her face at night.

She had always loved the feel of vintage soft cotton on her skin, so she decided to think herself on the bank of this little brook wearing her favorite purple summer dress.

As the vision sprang to life in her mind, the most beautiful scene danced in her mind. She slowly inhaled. The frustration of the cold melting away, she decided to entertain this mental image for awhile thus surviving another day of cabin fever.