Project Heart Strings

I’ve had these 6 unopened shadow boxes along with a stack of memorabilia that I’ve been wanting to get finished for awhile now. Today I got a chance. As I started putting them together I began to relive the memory. We had so much fun at Disney World. Not only was it our first time there but also our first time to fly for all 6 of us. There were so many moments my kids had happy faces and so many moments we will never forget. There’s just something about vacations no matter how extravagant they are. Each of these shadow boxes traps a memory in time. A trigger. A moment of reflection when you admire the contents therein.  

Life is worth remembering. Special moments worth freezing in a frame. 

I’ve also had another project I’ve been wanting to do. I have wanted to make ‘I saved a chair’ boxes. These are very special. With the approaching holidays one always reflects on family. We always want all our loved ones under our roof and our hearts ache for those we won’t see. For me, to have something tangible acknowledging their existence helps, hence the ‘I saved you a chair’ idea.

But as I began putting them together, these boxes didn’t bring smiles. It brought about a type of hurt. I don’t understand it. I know where my loved ones are but my word, I miss them. I miss them a lot. I want to fix a big family dinner and have them at my table. I want to hear dad tell his stories and see momma Debbie interact with my kids. She always made them important. And my friend Laurie had a smile that could banish any darkness or discouragement. She was an encourager. She was also a ton of fun but gone way too soon.

Their shadow boxes will stay on my wall now that I have them finished. We will always remember them and talk about them and maybe even cry a little because we miss them and that’s ok.

Life is worth remembering. Love is worth celebrating.

‘I saved you a chair’

2 thoughts on “Project Heart Strings

  1. “Project Heart Strings” touches my heart. This November 20th will mark the passing of my Mom. She lit up my world and was my go to. It has been ten years and it doesn’t get any easier. My family, except for cousins is pretty much gone. It is sad.

    You are a ray of sunshine!! Thank you for your post.


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