The older I get the more and more I love to garden. I’ve had some very kind ladies share their bulbs with me this year and I am anticipating their beauty next spring. 

I love designing flower beds and keeping them pretty, vibrant, eye catching and weed-free. There are some beautiful flowers to be had by the enthusiast for sure. This year I bought a few bulbs of an Iris called Darkest Mood. It plays with the color of black and a deep purple. I am excited to see the blossoms. 

Darkest Mood

But one thing I am not excited about is the weeds. One doesn’t have a garden for long without realizing you have an adversary bent on ruining what you try so hard to maintain-weeds.

This thought brings to mind something else. Within us there is a garden, except it isn’t seasonal but an ever-growing garden, something each of us must maintain and nourish. The flowers (virtue) can either be nurtured (by abiding by the Word) or choked out by the weeds (complacency, disinterest, and laziness).  When the heat starts pouring on I know I am tempted to not maintain my gardens as I would if the weather was more desirable. Sometimes I just don’t want to as my agenda gets too hefty choking out my time.

Yet, just as a devoted gardner has to daily maintain that which she planted, we as Christians need to weed the garden in our hearts constantly. Failing to do so leads to the Beauty being less than its full potential if not suffocated out entirely. 

Does nature amaze you? Does it ever broaden your perspective when it comes to True Spirituality?

I guess it should come as no surprise because the Good Lord created nature and all its inhabitants for our good.