Solar Light

Lately in our area it’s been gloomy. This is the part of winter where cabin fever is at its peak. I try not to complain but I want to see green. I want to feel sunshine. I want to dig in the dirt and plant flowers even manage a garden. And as crazy as it sounds, I want to mow the yard!

I probably should make a memo to visit this post again in June. You know, to remind myself where I was a few weeks back when I’m tired of mowing because the grass just won’t stop.

Back to where I was going with this.

I have always been drawn to sparkly, bright lights. On my bucket list I have down the opportunity to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and the outdoor nightlife of Vegas. Since my husband and I have been married, he has always tried to make arrangements to see the Silver Dollar City Christmas Lighting Ceremony of their tree which takes place the first weekend in November, around if not on, my birthday. We have made it tradition on this night to reflect on the past and what the year has held for us. I come with a humble heart and often leave with a few tears. It is a very special time for me and I am thankful my husband sees that.

Tonight on our way home from work, I noticed all the solar lights lit up everywhere, the kind you buy to line a walkway and/or add appeal to the landscaping. These little lights are quite popular it seems. With things being so overcast and gray lately, they haven’t had the energy to shine bright.  But tonight they glistened. I admired them.

Then, 1 Peter 2:9 came across the marquee bedded in my mind.

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. (KJV)

It made me think of our individual lights. We each are born with something so fragile yet so eternal, meant for Heaven but given a choice of the alternative. This thing sets us apart, makes us peculiar, often times makes us a spectacle. It’s a soul. I will henceforth liken the soul to the solar light.

Some of us choose to find the Source that will help the soul function in its purpose. To help it shine per se.  This Source provides joy, peace, strength, discipline, even patience. Once plugged into the Source it has the ability to be contagious. It draws attention. Some welcome it. as it brightens the path in life taken. Others are annoyed by it for it reveals truth and things meant to be kept in the dark. These, spend their whole lives ignoring it, suppressing it, quieting it, refusing to let it shine out and be noticed. Once at this point, the soul has learned to lurk in the dark recesses of the human cavity and refuses the light. Its more familiar there. It feels safe in the dark. Unexposed. Hidden.

The situation is these two types cannot exist in the same room without having an affect on each other. One will have more of an influence. One will dominate. The way in which the bolder of the souls leads is dependent on its human and its relationship with the Source. If the one is timid, afraid, insecure, unsure, it will more than likely absorb some if not all, under the influence of the bolder being. May the brightest light be bold here.

In the same way a solar light who has absorbed the sunshine all day cannot be silenced by the blanket of the night. Neither can a solar light left in the dreariness of a gloomy, damp day, have any power to shine in the darkness.

What light do others see in you? Would you be considered a bright light or one prone to darkness?

Lord God, forgive me for the times I have been more influenced by the darkness around me than by You. In my selfishness of self-seeking, if have influenced one to lurk where it is yet dark forgive me. Lord God, I come to You to be strengthened. To be filled with Your light so that I may help rid the world of the darkness growing in the human race. So many are searching for the Light. So many need to know where the Source is so they too, can shine. Help me, Father. Help me see them and bring them home. In Jesus Name, Amen.