One Ultimate Step Further

Is there anything more noble, selfless, and honorable than a man willing to lay his life down for that of another?

I come from a family of soldiers. My grandfather, uncle, brother and many friends have served selflessly to provide us freedoms in which we pay no expense (sometimes even thought, sadly) but fully experience.

I have seen first hand how combat can forever change a man into something he runs from daily. The missions they had to carry out and the shards of their inner person that now remain because of that mission, leave the soldier trying to somehow piece back what fragments they have left, in order to semi-function for the rest of their lives, if they can manage. Sadly, some suffer till death comes and sets them free. It’s just the truth of it. I love and am forever humbled by these kinds of hearts.

I will also say unless another soldier steps in and picks up where they left off, freedom becomes vulnerable. Once a brave man’s life comes to an end or he is mentally/physically unable to continue serving, the freedom starts to be taken away if not abruptly halted. That is not the fault of the soldier. It is simply humanity. We are not infinite. We are mortal.

With all that said. I want to explain something. I cannot shake this from my mind and so I write. It’s like writing is the vein through which my heart can sort through things.

I happened across this picture with this caption:

“Jesus died to save you. Who else would do that?” 

My grandfather never compared his time in the military to be equated with God. I have never heard any other soldier that I know of (personally connected to me as I am sure this mindset is out there, it’s just the world we live in) suggest what they did somehow is of more nobility than the sacrifice Jesus Himself made on that cruel cross. If anything, they have experienced first-hand what that sacrifice took for Jesus to carry out.

I want to compare something just for a minute; my husband and a soldier. I have already expressed my love and gratitude for the soldier in the fact that they give all to keep our home-front safe, but I also see my husband as a soldier-type hero. I know if my life or our kids lives were in danger at the cruelty of another being he’d pull a gun on that person and possibly even kill him. That is just the fact. And I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same for him or our children. But if I lost my husband, if his time came to end on Earth, that protection, that freedom, would would be jeopardized, especially if no one else took the position he had. There is no re-spawn button. Death on Earth is final. Your eternity is not. But to enter into that forever you must first die here.

See here is the amazing thing, Jesus died for us all but He took it further,  He conquered death. The freedom and redemption didn’t stop at the cross, or the tomb, this freedom exists. It still exists! And it will until Jesus comes back to end all the mess we humans face each and every day.

A soldier doesn’t come back as his death is final. The freedom they aided in is now vulnerable if no other soldier takes his place. My husband couldn’t come back as his death would be final. The freedom and protection he gave my children and I would be put at risk unless someone else came in or we managed ourselves. But Jesus conquered both the WORLD and DEATH and HE IS COMING BACK. There is so much hope in this statement.