Threat From A Building- A Vivid Dream #1

For some reason I had to have my son A, in Eureka Springs one night for a gathering that he was going to. I’m not sure what the event was I just knew I didn’t mind taking him.

It was a dark, chilly, and damp night, one like that after a day of nothing but rainfall.

I pulled into the parking lot and pulled up to the door to drop him off. We exchanged our see-you-laters and as he shut the door, I put the car in reverse. As I was backing out, static came through the radio. It wasn’t a song but a muffled voice.

It struck me odd that I even heard it as I had the radio off, so I thought perhaps it was sound wave interference or something.

Sometimes at home, radio stations or even phone lines could pick up interference from CB’s or other phone calls.

As I listened to the voice and pondered a way to make it stop, it was beginning to bother me. The hairs on the neck began to stand on end and I was getting chill-bumps. This raspy sounding voice proceeded and the thing that caught my attention was what it said, ” You can’t shut me off you little b**ch. You have ticked me off way too long.”

As I registered the anger in the voice, my body started to shake violently as in a seizure. I couldn’t control my body but I was fully sound in my mind.

As I was being threatened, I looked around at the abandoned building opposite of the building Austin was in and it was shaking too. Windows we’re being shattered and I even saw a bricks fall out of the wall.

The shaking of my body started to hurt and I didn’t like not having any control. I knew I had to make whatever was happening stop so I started to pray. And not just some little prayer. What I remember saying was, ” Heavenly Father I am under attack Lord, I believe in Your power and I ask you make the enemy’s powerful effects stop or it’s going to kill me. Lord God, I ask you to deliver me.”

Then I remember, now fighting to stay sane, as the shaking of my body was very painful, I mustered the strength to boldly say, “Whatever harm you mean to do to me evil spirit in the NAME OF JESUS may your evil stop!”

And it did.

Do you ever have vivid dreams?