The Room

There is a fissure running for countless miles, cut deep into the side of the world. If you were to follow this wound long enough you would find a passage leading deeper into the world. After countless wrong turns and dead ends you might be lucky enough to escape its clutches and find your way back to the surface. But you would have missed the marvel that is buried even further down in the darkness. For long ago a powerful mystic created a room, an empty space, and hid it away from the world. This void was a present, a gift.

Within the emptiness lies a single fixture. A simple stand, sprouting up from the ground. Fashioned from the most brilliant and purest crystal. It’s purpose only to hold, whatever was lain across its top, and to create a true form. To fill up the void with a representation of the object held.

After trying for countless years, the mystic settled upon something worthy of its place on top of the pedestal. What did the mystic choose?

With so much of the mystic’s life spent trying to fill the void of the room, the day had finally came to settle on a final object.

The mystic could have easily placed gold or other precious metals or gems on the pedestal quickly making her the most wealthiest person in the world, but that just didn’t seem like an appropriate use of such a wonderful gift.

She had been alive so many years, seen so many things, yet really did not desire any  one ‘thing’ she had encounter. The quest to find something worthy of an entire room she handled with great diligence.

The only thing the mystic ever wanted that she could not obtain herself, was something she thought lost, long ago.

With this item being lost,she could not discern a way to make a new physical manifestation of it. She had traveled back to where she had lost her most precious possessions looking for any scrap of it that could possibly remain, finding only a piece of a ripped picture showing half of her smile, she decided to try it.

She gently laid the piece across the crystal only to have it completely absorbed.

The intense dread that came over the mystic was all consuming. She stood awestruck. Confused. After what seemed like a lifetime trying to find the perfect object, somehow she had chosen wrong.

Now the empty room bare the physical representation of the emptiness felt inside of her. As she went to leave, something changed, she felt a warm presence behind her. She believed it to be a cruel joke her mind was playing on her, so she continued on.

But a simple, “Where do you think you’re going,” from familiar voices she hadn’t heard in years stopped her in her tracks.

She turned around to see that she had lost years ago standing in front of her like no time had passed since the photo was taken.

It was Innocence and Acceptance.

Though she had spent 95% of her life without these two companions, she never forgot their feeling. This is what she wanted to fill the room, these were the items she wanted back more than anything.

“You have spent your whole life blaming yourself for things that you carry and those are not your burdens to bare. Things happened, some your fault and some not, but human life is filled with mishaps,” Innocence told her.  “It’s expected. We still exist inside you but who we appear and how we affect you is rather differently than when you were so young. We are here. We’ve never left,” continued Acceptance.

With those words and a warm embrace, they disappeared.

The mystic could not understand why the pedestal only made them appear for a little while. No, that was not her intent. It should have filled the room with the manifestation or more than a few seconds.

Heartbroken she collapsed on her bed, the air became so heavy, quietly it lured the mystic into a deep sleep. When she awoke, a new feeling was found, one that she hadn’t felt in a long time; the heaviness was gone. She was at peace. The crystal couldn’t fill the room with the picture; no but it could fill her with what the picture held, and it did.