Queen Anne’s Lace

This morning I awoke with 2 things on my mind, my mom and Oatmeal Lace cookies, which then brought to mind a memory I had of Queen Anne’s Lace, a wildflower that grows everywhere around here in the summer.

When I was a little girl my mom would pick wild flowers, she would hang them upside down to dry and once dry, she composed an arrangement that complimented them well. She would sometimes spray paint them a color to her liking but for the most part, their natural beauty was enough. I found the whole thing just really cool.

Legend has it that Queen Anne, the wife of King James I, was challenged by her friends to create lace as beautiful as a flower. While making the lace, she pricked her finger, and it’s said that the purple-red flower in the center of Queen Anne’s Lace represents a droplet of her blood. 

My mom would often share with me the names of many wild flowers that we here in Arkansas, tend to call weeds as they can be a nuisance. But she saw their potential and turned them into masterpieces even if only in my opinion.

With the AM craving, I looked up a recipe for these cookies and happened across this one at the link below which turned out like I remembered them tasting and looking. http://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/10607/oatmeal-lace-cookies/print/?recipeType=Recipe&servings=12&isMetric=false 

It was a neat experience to share this with my kids and talk of this memory. One of my daughters even said, “Momma, for my birthday I want these cookies.”

Do you have a childhood memory tied to a cookie recipe?

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  1. Oh what memories my sweet daughter. I remember gathering so many wild flowers along the roadsides and the arrangements we made, were many. I learned so much about doing that when I worked with Annie at her flower shop in Eureaka Springs. Queen Anne’s Lace and Pepper Grass are two of my favorite.

    I hadn’t thought about doing that in so many years. It’s kind of funny how life covers memories up to be uncovered by someone or something when least expected. Thank you for reminding me of precious floral and daughter memories. I’m so glad it is precious memories for you.

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